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How to File an Application for a Pension

Before you can receive a pension, you must apply for it at least two (2) months in advance by completing the appropriate form and sending it to the Plan Trustees. Ask for the form from the Fund Office. If you are electing to receive your pension in one of the optional forms, you must apply for benefits in accordance with the provisions set forth on page 22.

The Trustees have the right to request any information or proof they reasonably require to determine your right to a benefit.

When Do Pension Benefits Begin?

If you have met all the requirements of the Pension Plan including the two (2) month advance filing, your pension will generally begin on the first day of the month following entitlement to benefits.

Do These Requirements Apply to the Supplementary Portion?

No. To apply for withdrawal or distribution of your benefits under the Supplementary Portion of the Plan, contact Mercer at 1-877-864-6644 or log on to

Lump Sum Distributions

If your benefit or account balance is distributed to you in a lump sum, you may elect to receive it in cash or have it directly rolled over to an IRA or other eligible retirement plan. If you elect to receive it is cash, 20% will be withheld for federal income tax. If you fail to make an election between cash and a direct rollover, your lump sum will be automatically rolled over to an individual retirement account (IRA) in your name.