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Payable toSurviving Spouse of Participant
AgeAny age
Service and Other Requirements5 or more Years of Vesting Service and married for at least one year prior to date of death
Basic BenefitOnly payable if Participant dies before commencing benefit payments. Benefit is a monthly benefit equal to 75%* of the monthly amount you would have received had you terminated employment on your date of death, survived to your earliest retirement age and retired receiving a Qualified Joint and Survivor Annuity

*if at least one hour of eligible service on or after 12/1/1999; if no eligible service on or after 12/1/1999, benefit is 50% instead of 75%
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Note: The provisions summarized above relate to the Company-funded benefits under the Plan, as provided for in the Plan as of February, 2015. The Plan may be amended or terminated at any time, and future benefit accruals (if any) may be different from those that previously applied. In the event of any conflict between the terms of this summary and the Plan document, the terms of the Plan document will control.
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